Let’s Start at the Beginning…

…because it’s a very good place to start!

About 1/2 of my life ago (almost literally! ahh!!) I was babysitting & after the kids went to bed I was flipping the tv channels trying to find something to watch.  I remember who I was babysitting for & where I was sitting in their house. I caught a show, something like 20/20 or dateline, about orphans in Romania.  The orphanages were crowded & short on workers.  Babies were stuck in their cribs for most of their lives just bc there aren’t enough hands to go around.  I thought God might lead me to go work in one of these orphanages & it sounded like a wonderful life to me! Honestly! holding babies all day…that is dreamland for me!  From that point on I have had a heart for orphans but just didn’t know how God would use that passion…

Fast forward about 10-12 years….Married, 2 birth kiddos, the youngest was almost 2.  It was a few weeks before my birthday & I had just read an article in a Christian magazine about adoption. I felt a CLEAR call from the Lord to adopt. But for some reason I also felt strongly that I was to pray God would put it on Robbie’s heart & not mention it to him. (very unlike me!).  The next day, or maybe day after, we went out for my birthday & Robbie get very serious & told me he felt that God had called us to adopt!!! I was stunned & it was SO VERY obvious that God had called us to adopt! WOW!!

So began the discussion of how to go about that….International is/was not an option for us as it is just so expensive! God had provided all we needed, but not enough to cover those expenses.  Adopting a newborn was not an option either. While we believe that those babies very much need to be adopted too, we felt led to adopt kids in America who had been neglected/abused/not wanted.  Since God had blessed us with 2 birth kiddos, adopting is beyond finishing our family, it’s our way to minister to kids who had been mistreated by their families.  To love them & add them to our family.  Foster-to-adopt seemed to be the road for us!

We lived in a 930 sq ft house, with 2 bedrooms & 1 bath. It was a great little house for us, but we had to have a bigger house to be within the square footage requirement. So we fixed up our little home, put it on the market & it sold in 4 weeks.  We moved in with my parents for just a few months while we found a house…..& ended up living with them for 18 months while we built a house.  Once the last box was unpacked in our new house I started the search for a foster agency.  I didn’t really know where to start!  A friend had done some research & was pleased with Christian Homes, so we gave them a call & started the paperwork!

My next blog will be about our process with them…

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4 Responses to Let’s Start at the Beginning…

  1. Jen Giles says:

    I saw your blog link on facebook and I’m on pins and needles waiting for your next post 🙂 I love these stories. I have several dear friends here who have been called to adoptions and I love reading their blogs as well. If you check out my blog, also check out my links to “Promote Oklahoma Adoption” and The Shockley Family. I’ll bet Molly Shockley’s blog would be fun for you to read. I want to know more and wonder if we’ll ever be specifically called in that direction.
    Jen Giles (Rachel’s old roomie)

  2. mandysisco says:

    so excited to read this…. a window to your soul! love you girl!

  3. Kara Loeffelholz says:

    Great idea ! Can’t wait to read more!

  4. mamamac222 says:

    Thank ML!! So looking forward to following this adventure with you!!

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