So Excited!

I am so excited to share our fostering journey with you!!  We get asked so many questions & I LOVE answering all fostering/adoption related questions! There are many that we get asked over & over again, so I wanted to make a blog/website/something to help others thru their own adventure by sharing all the things we’ve learned in our own fostering adventure!

Robbie, my husband, jokes with me about how I don’t like to do things in baby steps….I like to jump in full force, like exercising, Bible Studies, sewing…etc!  I am trying to work on that, bc I know that baby steps really are beneficial! So although I’d love to have made a perfect, complete website with all my learned “knowledge” (ha!) , that’s just not going to happen for a long time! Instead I’m starting this blog & hope to add on little at a time!  Please know that writing was never my best subject.  I type quickly & often missspell things, use a lot of abbrev., & often my thoughts make more sense in my head when I’m typing them than they do when you’re reading them…so always feel free to ask me what I meant by things! 😉

Lately Robbie’s been calling fostering an adventure! & It SOOOO is!  Every day the phone could ring & we could get 1 or 2 kids within a couple hours!  & Each foster child is different.  There are lots of appointments, paperwork, shopping, etc to do within just a few days of a placement…..& yet it is so rewarding & hard at the same time. We are loving being foster parents!

We can’t write about any specifics of the placements we have, so my posts will always be more general about our experience as being foster parents.  So let me start at the beginning….because that’s a very good place to start!  How we got to the decision to foster…..

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One Response to So Excited!

  1. Jane Hill says:

    I’m so glad you decided to write about your adventure! I wanted to ask more questions when I saw you last Sat., but time did not permit. Now I’ll probably have my questions and more answered! I look forward to continuing to read your blog.
    A. Jane

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