With a grain of salt…

Sooo, I have several posts with tons of info that I’m itching to get on here! But sometimes the information just swirls in my head & I have to process it all so that I can get it in a format that will make sense to others! HA!

Before I start my new posts, I feel I must say to take all my posts/suggestions/tips/advice with a grain of salt.  These are our experiences in our fostering adventure here in East Texas. (FYI…I’m going to get East Texas fostering in as much as I can to help the blog come up in searches) Our agency has some additional requirements/rules to the CPS regs/rules & other fostering agencies have different rules than ours.  & Every placement will be slightly different due to different counties, case workers, families, etc.  I keep wanting there to be a set order/plan for all children so I know what to plan, but I have to remind myself that it is an overworked/semi-broken system that is dealing with broken/messed up people.  So at times things will be all up in the air, then all of a sudden they decide to return the child to their family.

Also, my posts  are going to be detailed, as I’m a detailed person. If you’re seriously considering getting into fostering you’re going to want to know the details too.  So my posts will be fairly lengthy.  Just a heads up! Don’t feel like you have to read every word I say/type.

Lastly, I sure wish I could post pictures or at least details of some of our placements so that you can really see what it’s like, but I can’t. So through my vague posts I hope you get a true picture of fostering. 🙂

Ok, I think that is it for my grain of salt….

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