This is my first season to watch SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance).  This season there was an AMAZING dance about an addict & her addiction. It is heart wrenching & eye opening.  I grew up very protected, my parents & even my friends kept me from even being around anything addictive.  My friends who partied wouldn’t invite me to or talk about their weekends. Partially bc I was perceived as a goody-two-shoes & maybe partially bc they wanted to protect me!?!?

So many of the kids in foster care are there bc of an addition their parents had.  I’ve always thought of addictions as someone just being selfish & making bad choices, & I still do believe that’s part of it, but as we’ve been fostering I’ve seen parents struggle to overcome something that has such a hold on their life.  For some addicts just one try at a drug during high school was all it took & their bodies could never recover.  Some of our close friends have watched their brother go through this for years & years.  I can’t imagine what a true addiction must be like. How helpless it must feel to be ruled by a substance.  It governs all your thoughts & decisions.  Oprah had a couple of shows about addictions where Lisa Ling spent time with people who had addictions & you really got to see sort of what it felt like to be them.   HEART BREAKING.

As we have kids in our homes whose lives have been permanently affected by a parent with an addiction, we MUST remember to pray for their parents.  God CAN change people. He CAN help people break free from the things that entangle them. I have another dear friend whose husband is a living example of that.  & although it is our job/duty/ministry to protect these children, when we run into their parents at visits we must treat them as a person, & not as an addition.  One of our PRIDE training classes had a woman who had an addiction & her kids had been removed & put in foster care.  She said one of the things that helped her change was that the foster family treated her like a person, the kids mother, & didn’t look down on her.

I still CANNOT wrap my mind around an addition.  It is still foreign to me, but as my eyes are opened, so is my heart.  God, thank you for your healing power…Heal this broken land, thank you for providing Jesus who gave Himself for our freedom!

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  1. Kate says:

    Hey! Love reading your blog. Thanks for all the great information! We’re still trying to get our initial application finished. Last thing to do is the floor plan, and then we will call the recruiter back!

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