I’m guilty!

I am feeling quite guilty right now of what in another post I warned against…..judging the birth parents. 😦

I’ve been asked by the parents, thru case workers, to only use certain products for their child..& to not give them certain foods bc they don’t like them…& one of the other parents was SOOO worried when she heard her child was sick. “I just knew the next time I’d see ____ was at a funeral home”!

Without saying too much…..#8 was sick last week. Had what my little girl had & apparently MANY other people. just a cough & fever. nothing else. acting fine.  I emailed the case worker just so they had a heads up, & the case worker decided to cancel the visit. not me.  *sigh*

I feel like saying “HELLO….you OBVIOUSLY did NOT take proper care of your child….so how dare you tell me what’s best for them!?”…& by the way,to the first parent, ____ does like that kind of food! & second parent, all kids get sick! esp if they go to school, or church, or walmart! it happens & I do the best I can to properly, lovingly take care of all kids in my home! we run a normal(ish) family & welcome kids into our home…we’re not a big group home, I’m a stay at home mom who really does want the best for your child. so BACK OFF!!

Ok, now breath Mary Lynne, calm down.  If my kids were in foster care….man, I’d be a mess. I’d have sent everything they own with them, I’d call the case worker every day. I’d be at visits 15 min early & would fly thru whatever process I had to.  Give them a break. Pray for them. These parents do love their children, probably even more so when they’re not able to be with them very often.

So birth parents of the foster kids I have, I’m so sorry for judging you.  You are a person, created by God for His purpose.  He loves you & knows you more than I ever can.  I trust HIM completely & I know everything is in His hand, under His control.  I pray He intervenes in your life in a MIGHTY way that only He can!  The world will know we are Christians by our love…& I want to love you.  So I will treat you like I would any other parent I know whose child I’m around/babysit/have in the nursery.  & Please know I am a foster parent to be a blessing in your child’s life & therefor in yours.

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