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Robbie & I went to my parents Sunday School class this week.  One of our pastors talked about his trip to India recently.  There is a man wife there who God has led to start a school. (it’s a private school that locals pay to send their kids to & it’s also where Compassion International kids go for 2 meals a day, & school!)  They also train new & old pastors…w/ an amazing goal to have something like 100 new churches by 2010.  He also has started a clothing company that employs many men who wouldn’t have a job otherwise.

BB (pastor) was listing off how faithful this man & his wife have been with the little $ our church has sent them.  He gave a list of $monetary things we could provide for them; It’s so obvious that sending a small amount of $ can go so far overseas!  But one of hte main thigns that stood out to me was his story of a 3 year old begging on the side of the road.

In the car our discussion went something like this:

R: I’d like us to give some of our missions $ to help out.

ML:  Me too!!  I love when we are given an exact amount that will go for a specific item & knowing how far it will go!  Like World vision, they send out a yearly catalog where you can buy a goat or something to a specific village or family.  But man, it really made me want to adopt internationally.  To provide a different life for a child who won’t have such a good life.

R But that massive amount of $ that we’d have to pay for the Int’l adoption could be sent to people in the country & go so much farther, helping so many more kids than just 1!

ML I KNOW that mentally, but I FELL like what we’re doing (fostering) just isn’t enough.  We’re still living a fairly easy life.

R Well, God wired you to take care of babies, that’s how you minister, so sending $ of course doesn’t feel like ministry to you.

Later that afternoon/early evening I actually went outside to be with the kids. It was such a nice afternoon. The kids on their own initiated going outside! So the 4 kids & I were in the back & in between cleaning up the yard & playing ball with my son, I noticed something…..


Our daughter was playing with one foster, another was in the pack’n play watching my son & I play ball.  They, who have not had stable families, were getting to experience a loving family, &  my kids are getting to be a part of that!  Only God knows what impact that will have on them- my kids & the fosters-as they grow up.  I PRAY God uses it in a beneficial way in their lives!

Once in awhile I watch Oprah, & one day I saw the singer Seal on there, & he was apparently in a foster home when he was 4 or 5.  He remembers it with great fondness, but he got separated from them…then Oprah brings them out!  Oh the tears!! even though he was so young & wasn’t with them for long, it had a significant impact on his life.  That is my, our, prayer.

So we’ll continue our adventure here in our home, & will send some of our missions $ overseas, so it may be multiplied!

PS….International adoption is AMAZING!!! & such a necessity & amazing gift to the families & the kids!  Please know we are so grateful & happy for those of you who have gotten to do that! It’s just clear that God has not called us to do that.  Although sometimes I wish He would!

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2 Responses to Life Ministry

  1. Marty Jones says:

    I LOVED reading this!! Especially the parts about the singer Seal and ministry in your backyard. Thanks for sharing! Love, Marty

  2. Yes! Your life is a ministry and a HUGE one at that. Not only are you ministering to your kids and the foster kids but to those that get a chance to encounter you and see what you are doing, the reflection of a Father’s love can be seen so clearly through the choice to foster. It is a huge blessing and a huge sacrifice. Praying for your family!

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