A Sabbatical of Sorts

Long time no see, I know.  Life has just now slowed down to a manageable pace. I have so many blogs for you written in my head!  The words just seem to come at a time when I can’t get to the computer!  But I have a moment now, so I’ll fill you in a bit on where we are in our fostering adventure.

We’re taking a sabbatical, of sorts. I looked up Sabbatical on Wikipedia & here was a line from their definition: “In recent times, “sabbatical” has come to mean any extended absence in the career of an individual in order to achieve something.” Although fostering is not our career in any sense, let’s exchange that word for the word ministry.  & what is my goal to achieve?  Well, many things, but mainly just getting my priorities back in order.

Our 9th foster placement left on the 25th.  We had let our lives get so busy that I was overwhelmed & stressed out!  So I made a promise to Robbie to take at least 1 full month off.  I feel like I’m admitting defeat or that I’m letting my family/my foster agency/all those babies needing a home down.  BUT…I’m learning to not base my feeling of value on what others think of me.  & I’m not letting my family down or anyone else.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite!  After a refresher break of getting my house back in order, spending time w/ my 2 kids, getting back to the gym & most importantly getting back into God’s Word..I will be more useful to all those around me.  I’m really stepping back & learning things about myself right now.  Like that I have a low tolerance for busyness.  In high school I thrived on being busy….the busier the better!  so the opposite now!!! The week of Thanksgiving my kids had the H1N1, so we were literally stuck at home for 6 days.  & it was so wonderful!  When I look at my calendar & it has markings on every day….my stress level goes way up!  Then I get short with my kids.  You know that saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy…” SO true!! & in no way do I mean that my family should walk on eggshells around me, but that I need to put up healthy boundaries so I can best take care of what God has entrusted to me!

So, I had last week to finish up some things, this week & next are almost completely empty…So I hope to get all those nooks & cranny’s cleaned out, fans, windows, you know all those things that I stare at every day but can’t get to? Well I hope to get to them in the next 2 weeks. Then we head to SC for a week for Christmas w/ my husband’s family. & When we get back, it’ll have been a month. Then we’ll re-evaluate things & see if we’re ready to go back on the list yet!  I sure hope we are.  Each time I see a baby I so want one!  But then I KNOW that this is such a crucial time for me to rest & recover that I’m actually not rushing it!

Well, that was worded much better the last few times I wrote that in my head….but at least hopefully I caught ya’ll up on where we are. 🙂

During this break I’m doing Beth Moore’s “Stepping Up..a journey through the Psalms of the Ascent” & it’s so great! Also, today I did step aerobics….yay!!!!! 🙂

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3 Responses to A Sabbatical of Sorts

  1. mandysisco says:

    so glad that you’re getting a much deserved and needed break! your family is your first ministry and you’re a serving them during this time. i’ll be praying that the Lord ministers to your heart during your time of rest and study! you’re a amazing mary lynn!!!

  2. I am so glad that you are getting some rest and I pray that the Lord blesses your family with some wonderful time together over this holiday season!

    And you are not admitting defeat you are preparing your heart, home, and mind to give once again! I pray that He fills you abundantly with joy overflowing so you can be emptied once again.

    I love you friend and I love the heart you have for this ministry!

  3. rmljones says:

    Thanks friends! WE are very much enjoying this time of rest & are looking forward to getting back to fostering again in the (hopefully) near future. 🙂
    The plan/goal is to not be completely emptied again…but to keep boundaries & schedules & priorities in order so He can continually overflow through us to others, esp the children we get to foster in our home. I can see Him guiding us already in that direction & I”m excited!!

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