We have the wonderful privilege of keeping on contact with our second placement.  She came late last September & was with us for almost 2 months.  Her adoptive mom has given me permission to put her picture up here, so I’m so excited to share it with you!

Her birthmom went into the hospital with abdominal pain & found out she was in labor! She obviously was not expecting this baby, so she called Christian Homes & put her up for adoption.  They called us & brought her straight from the hospital to our home while they found an adoptive family for her.  Her legal name was “baby girl”.  Our agency suggested we pick a name to call her as they had no clue how long she’d be with us.  I did a bit of searching & settled on Jayla.  I found that it meant “One who is special.”  I wanted her to have a special name, wanted her to know how very special & wanted she was & is, even though she wasn’t planned. (by her birthmom, but we Know that God planned her!)  Here she is the first day or so that we had her. She weighed 5 lbs

& Here she is now, at 14 months old (with her grandma)

I am forever grateful to her adoptive family for keeping in contact with us. 🙂 She was the hardest to say goodbye to. Even though she had one of the best families adopting her!!!

Thank you Benners for allowing me to share these pictures with my friends! 🙂

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2 Responses to Jayla

  1. Marty Jones says:

    How WONDERFUL that you can stay in contact and see what she looks like at 14 months! I know that must mean a lot to you!

  2. Amber says:

    AMAZING! It HAS to be so hard to let go of a child that you’ve even had the privelege of NAMING!

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