Back on the list

Well we’ve officially had over a month break. It was so good!! The house & several things in my/our family life are all back in order.  I’ve been enjoying going to the gym 5 or so days a week, am LOVING my Beth Moore study (Stepping Up—the Psalms of the Ascent).  It’s been hitting me exactly where I am.  Spent some time playing Wii with the kids & took a trip to visit Robbie’s family in South Carolina for Christmas!

Last Monday I called our agency & told them we’re ready to go!! They have yet to call, but usually during holidays the placements slow down,except for super emergency placements. & It really has been good to have this week of the kids home from school with just us.  Although I’m fine with waiting on God’s perfect timing, I’m hoping the phone rings tomorrow morning!  Tonight at dinner I said something about maybe getting a baby this week & the kids started cheering! they both want a newborn.  🙂  Well, except when we have our little 17 month old friend over, then they want us to get a toddler. Oh yes, & sometimes my daughter begs for us to foster teenagers…..HA! umm….no.  nothing against you teenagers, but I have not parented a teenager yet & will admit that I’m pretty much intimidated by anyone over, oh, 8?!

So our new boundaries on what type of placements we’ll take are:

  • 0-24 months (I told them I can’t take anything over that…we really want to keep a 4 year gap between our youngest the foster kids…then it pushes our kids to sacrifice a bit, but doesn’t interfere with their lives so much that it causes damage. sadly we did that to them last year, & don’t want to do it again)
  • 1 child at a time. I’d love to say 2, but we’re going to ease back into this.  We REALLY want this to be a ministry that we love & that is effective.  Our vision is keeping our home as normal as possible (I know, I wouldn’t exactly define us as normal…but anyways) & just welcome babies in for however long they need to be with us.

So that’s our update!  I’m sure I’ll post whenever we get a placement (even though there will be no details). Can’t believe this’ll be #10!!! wow!!

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One Response to Back on the list

  1. Marty Jones says:

    I love it that when you said something about maybe getting a baby this week that your kids cheered!!! That is so cool!

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