The other day a sweet friend from church asked me what she could pray for me about.  It’s not that there’s just nothing in my life to pray about, but I couldn’t think of anything. I honestly feel rather content right now.  Tomorrow it will have been 4 weeks since we got back on the fostering list.  We haven’t received any calls at all.  & I don’t feel anxious, upset, etc…I feel content.  I’ve seen how God has used this time in great ways.  No, I haven’t done those big projects that I want to do, but somehow seem to avoid every day (cleaning out the attic, sewing up some smocked things, painting our buffet…etc) BUT I have been available to help out more friends lately than I have in years.  Today we brought home a friend’s toddler bc she woke up sick (the toddler) & they had a major family wedding that day.  I LOVE being able to just say “Let me help! right now!”  When we’re fostering I can’t do that.  well, maybe I can now that we’re just taking 1 at a time, but for sure the last 18 months I haven’t been able to do that.  & it is such a joy for me!

I probably mentioned this in a previous post.. (I will most likely repeat myself many times in this blog…I have no brain anymore since having children!)..but we really try to keep our schedule open.  It’s difficult in this “super busy-super woman-soccer mom world”…but it’s a BIG priority for our family.  (It is a bit easier for us as our children aren’t athletic & don’t have much desire to do any extra curricular activities…until we’re old enough for Science club…that I”m sure we’ll be highly involved in! My big man wants to be a bomb scientist in the military when he grows up! made the pediatrician snicker when he said that at his yearly check up last week.  Yup, Mr. in the 15% wants to be in the military. lol!)


our schedule—we try to keep as open & flexible as possible so that we can help/serve.  So if I ask if I can help you…I mean it!! I won’t offer if I can’t!

Contentment—I KNOW that God has really changed me a lot in this last 2 months.  Yes, part of my change has been due to circumstantial/environmental changes, but I feel a deep down change.  Praise the Lord!!  The Bible Study I’ve been doing (Beth Moore’s “Stepping Up”) has been exactly what I need almost every time I open it.  It was not the study I went to Lifeway to buy…but it’s what I felt led to get.  Amazing.

This week my schedule is pretty open!  So I’ll aim to get some of those big things knocked of the list…but am hoping that we’ll get a placement!!!

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One Response to Content

  1. Marty Jones says:

    I enjoy reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

    I also hope you’ll get a placement soon! 🙂

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