Medicine Cabinet

We looked everywhere for a medicine cabinet when we were getting started.  Finally we ended up using a locking cabinet for keys & $ that we got from a local office supply store.  But it didn’t have any shelves, so it was laying flat & the medicines would sometimes leak & it would get so messy, hard to find things….finally, we found this at IKEA!! yet again, IKEA comes to the rescue w/ an inexpensive & highly functional item!  So if you are like us, & don’t have a cabinet that already has a lock on it, check this out!! (& actually we got 2 for some reason, so have 1 we would happily sell you if you need it!)

ÄTRAN Lockable cabinet
color: white
Price reflects the options selected above $19.99
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One Response to Medicine Cabinet

  1. Marty Jones says:

    Wow! What a great solution to the problem! I know people will appreciate knowing about this.

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