Wednesday the 14th we got our 11th foster placement!!

So I keep getting asked why we took on a second foster when we’d clearly said only 1 the last several months.  Great question! Robbie & I processed through it all a couple weeks ago, but realized we never filled anyone else in on that, so I guess #11 was a shock to most of our friends.

About a month ago  our agency called with a newborn from the same county that our current little one(#10) is from.  I was ready to say yes, but Robbie wasn’t. He was a bit shocked when I called to ask him about it.  At that moment I realized that I had been feeling for a few days that I was about ready for a second one, but hadn’t processed it with him.  By “feeling” I mean that I had somewhat subconsciously processed through all the thoughts of taking on another one.  I never sat down & made lists or really thought heavily about it, it was more little thoughts here & there, & little prayers, etc.  #10 is so fun & pretty easy. & we don’t really want to live an easy, comfortable life. Also, I was getting a smidge bored. I like a little bit of a challenge in my life. Not major stress, but just a little bit of a challenge.  This past Sunday our music pastor did the sermon & challenged us on living in a way that the Holy Spirit has to show up.  Yup, that’s our life with fostering.  Living in a way where almost daily I can say “that was God stepping in. THANK YOU LORD!!”   So, when we got the phone call last month I was ready to say yes.  Called Robbie. he said no. then I called him back & was feeling strongly we should, & then proceeded to tell him how I had already processed it.  So he took some time & called back later saying he thought it would be ok.  Called my mom & she was on board too.  There was just something about this particular placement & timing that really felt right.  But someone else had gotten the placement before we got back with our agency.  Oh well. At least we had talked about it & were all on the same page.  We still have our guidelines in place: 0-24 months & it was very important to us that it be from the same county as #10, so hopefully we could get visits at the same time.  Last fall I about went bonkers spending over half a day driving about an hour & a half away for one visit. then the next day going 45 min the opposite direction for the other foster placement’s visits.  So this was a big deal. SOOO when they called again, with a placement from the same county we said yes!  & it has been a BLAST! Besides a little grumpiness in the middle of the night, I am LOVING every minute of this!  Babies are just my thing!  I go everywhere with an infant carrier on each arm! LOL! I was hoping my arms would get nice & toned, but they’re getting bigger! AHH! 😉 Oh well, if that’s the worst thing that happens, it’s ok. I joked with hubby today about becoming a body builder. HAHAHA!! you who know me know that I do not have the self discipline to do that. love my sweets too much for that.

My days are filled with bottles & diapers, bouncy seats & naps. & also smiles & baby coo’s. 🙂 LOVE IT!

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