The last couple of months have been busy. or full at least.  Although I kept wanting a new placement, I knew it wasn’t the right time, & was (as I am now) fully trusting God’s timing.

But Now…..

1) things have slowed down; I got some areas of the house cleaned up/organized, etc…& besides another week of day camp & maybe a surprise day trip to the Dallas Science Museum, we have no plans!

2) In addition to that, I was kind of in an emotional funk.  just felt down.  after a wonderful talk with my husband the other night I felt so much better.  that, & I’ve gotten back to starting my day flat on the floor in prayer.  It’s not a long prayer, maybe 3-5 minutes.  But my day is so different when I start it off praising God, worshiping Him, remembering how BIG HE is &  how small I am..bringing my thoughts/emotions/plans/family/friends etc. before Him.

That feeling I had that it wasn’t time for another placement is lifted!  & as I was doing a little shopping with my mom & daughter I saw some super cute stuff on the baby sale racks!!  With #10 I was praying for God to bring me a specific type of child…& He did!  so today I decided to pray & ask God for another specific type of child.  (Although please know we are excited about every placement & know that God gives us what is best for us & for the child.)  I was telling my mom this & she said she had noticed I wasn’t myself the last few weeks & that I’m better now. 🙂 My mom is amazing. 🙂  When I told her that I was praying for ____…she said “well, ‘we have not bc we ask not’.”  I excitedly have been praying that today.  Tonight I needed to look up that verse, making sure we weren’t taking it out of context.   (I’m not into the name it & claim it stuff. & I know people have asked God for great things & they don’t always happen)

Here is the verse:

“And we are confident that He hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases Him.  And since we know He hears us when we make our requests, we also know that He will give us what we ask for.”  I John 5: 14-15

So we shall see what this week holds! 🙂

(PS….after I posted this I felt like I really need to add that although we LOVE fostering & we have learned & grown so much through it…it’s NOT about us.  So when I pray for a specific type of child or for any new placement, I also pray that God will find that child who is not being cared for, or even worse being abused & bring them to us.  We pray that He will find the child who most needs our type of home, or even more specifically, needs us.)

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One Response to Asking

  1. Amber says:

    I suppose you could also look at it like… The fact that you’re not getting a new placement means there are less children out there right now in neglectful/abusive/additive situations!

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