Adventure #12

We are now on our 12th foster placement!  I really never thought we’d be at #12!

This was our first middle of the night phone call.  I kind of always expected one, so when the phone range at 2:15am, I was pretty sure what it was.  Hubs was in too deep of a sleep to discuss with me, so I just made the decision.   This little one is from the completely opposite direction of our other little one, & in a perfect world I’d love them to be from the same county, but since the big kids are back in school I decided it’d be ok.  By 3:45 the caseworker was here & by 3:55 she was gone! craziness! (but I do like a little bit of crazy in my life) #12 is right about the same age as #10 (current one), so it’s kind of like having twins. Which for me, seems a little easier than having 2 in completely different stages of life.  They go to bed at the same time, wake up same time, eat same things, nap together, play with same toys..etc.  It’s pretty good!

No clue how long this adventure will last, but it’s not a very good situation, & doesn’t look like there are any family or friends who can help out, so this one may last awhile. But then again, who knows.

So it’s been a little over 2 weeks now, & things are going ok. we’re mostly adjusted to having 2 little ones.  I think (fingers crossed) we are finally sleeping through the night. It was a fussy first couple of weeks, but that was expected.

There’s usually 2 different scenarios:

1) a “honeymoon” first week, where things seem so easy & wonderful!  then the real kids show themselves. they get comfortable with you enough to show their true colors. & it’s set in with them that they’re not going back to their former life.  I always hate to tell people about this, esp when they’re so excited about a placement & how fantastic things are going. But for ya’ll who are thinking of fostering, just know that if this happens it is completely normal.  Even case workers know about it.

2)the first 10-14 days are ROUGH…lots of crying & fits, & not sleeping well, & for the itty bitty ones lots of tummy issues.  this is usually a sign that they have been exposed to drugs. probably enough to test positive themselves. & if the case worker thinks this may be an option, they’ll probably do a hair follicle test to get accurate results. It helps with their legal case. & While you always want those results to come back negative, if they come back positive it’s actually a big help for their legal case against the parents.

We’ve experienced both.  #1 seems to happen more with older kids & #2 more with babies.

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