Chill Pill

ok, so I need a chill pill. & I totally shouldn’t blog when in an emotional funk.  although it was largely due to not hearing about court yesterday, it was exaggerated by some pre-monthly even hormones. (sorry, probably TMI) yet again, stupid emotions. I hate being out of control. I hate my emotions controlling me.  doesn’t the Bible say that our hearts are wicked & deceitful?!! I KNOW better!

I emailed our CPS caseworker  & our Christian Homes caseworker & rather quickly the CPS one wrote me back.  wow. I feel so much better.  things really are under control.  & I brought up an issue that she didn’t know about & was glad I brought to her attention & she is going to take care of it.  She is a new caseworker to us, as our previous one ( who was WONDERFUL) has moved on to another unit in the department.  good for him, sad for us.  New worker is turning out great. on top of things, & understand the situation well.

Then our CH worker just called & apologized for not sending the email she wrote about court.  (she got sidetracked by a phone call….completely understandable).

So….I need a chill pill.  I got it.  now if I could just remember to take them earlier on instead of blowing up first. Thanks for ya’ll dealing with all my rants.

although the one about not having any control in cases is still hard. & frustrating.

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One Response to Chill Pill

  1. Danielle H says:

    if it wasn’t hard and frustrating, I’d question your sanity. you’re doing a wonderful job of dealing with the circumstances, and God’s working on you in the meantime. just remember that we’re all tempted by the flesh (emotions, etc.), and it’s a natural thing while we’re on this earth. He knows that, and He’s got you covered. 🙂

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