there hasn’t been too much to post about! #10 has been with us for 8 months tomorrow! & #12 almost 3 months!  I think things have gotten into a pretty good groove.  The big kids LOVE the little ones.  They help provide entertainment for the little ones, which is FANTASTIC!!

There really isn’t much new to report.

It looks like parents of one of them might be relinquishing soon. PTL!! although nothing is final until a judge’s signature is on it.  Final court hearing is at the end of this month, so we should know more by then.  My anxiety levels over the weekly visits have dropped. again, PTL.  I think it’s hugely due to having the other one with me, so I’m not just sitting in a room waiting, watching the clock tick tock by.

The other one’s mom is doing quite well!  I finally chose to meet her & I’m so glad I did.  Meeting these parents reminds me that they are people, not just addicts.  I tend to label them by their issue.

My heart continues to be moved in the direction of helping start a parenting class.  Our private agency worker told me that it’s sometimes hard for the parents to find a parenting class, & usually that’s one of the  main things all parents have to go through to get their child back.  I’m interested to sit in on a class & see what it’s like.  But I have this GRAND picture in my head of our church, (& maybe even others!!) joining together to do a parenting class for these foster kid’s parents!! It would have the basis of being Christ centered & Biblically based & that would be made known from the start. Because really, can we do anything good without HIM?? NOPE! & even if they can get their act together long enough to get their kids back, it is CHRIST who will really set those changes in their heart to keep them going.  So in this picture people from all different areas would teach different sessions….$, baby care, older kid care, food (this is a HUGE one in my book), discipline, etc.  &  maybe even there could be mentors!! So many of these parents are surrounded by other bad influences.  It’s a huge deal for them to change, because they have to change not only their choices, but their surroundings, friends, & maybe even family.

Not sure where to start….other than just praying about it right now.  Many of my friends seem excited about this possibility & have already said they’d love to help!  thanks!!!!  One of these days I’ll ask some contacts I know at CPS about this, & see if it’s even a possibility, then their requirements on what a class can/cannot have…then go from there.  Pray with me about this, will you??!!

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