the parents

So yesterday I took #10 to their bi-weekly visit with the parents. These visits make me sick to my stomach.  Yesterday I almost burst into tears as I handed said child to the caseworker.  It was especially hard for me when she looked at child & said “yay! aren’t you so excited! let’s go see mommy!!” there happened to be 2 other CPS ladies there who know me more, & looked at me with sad eyes. I think they know how much I detest these visits.  None of the previous fosters visits have affected me this way.  An added “bonus” is that the dad, who hasn’t come to visits in months, came as well.  I’m hoping it was to say goodbye. 😉  I can hope, right?!!?? My sweet friend Mindy calls me every day there’s a visit to check on me. & so many other friends are praying for me. THANK YOU!!  As I drove away, still almost in tears, God reminded me that the goal, on paper, signed by the judge, is unrelated adoption.  So it’s not like any big changes will be happening in the direction of #10 returning home.  God gives such great peace!!  Major court hearing is next Monday, so hoping for some serious answers by then.  Caseworker has been on medical leave for over 2 weeks now so information/updates have been non-existent lately.

#12’s mom has started coming to church & lunch with us Sundays!! & I’m supervising her weekly visits.  I’m excited, nervous, & feeling quite inadequate for this direction God is leading us in.  Robbie’s pretty excited about it too!  This is the first parent we’ve really gotten to know.  Excited to see how God will use this relationship!

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