2 quick requests…

should’ve put this on my post earlier today.

#1. In addition to praying for:

a)the jury to make the right decision, or even better the parents to let go before trial

b) my (& my family’s) attitude/heart/emotions during the remaining weeks/months,

c) us to be a light to all the caseworkers & workers involved,

will you PLEASE pray

d)that during the dreaded 2 hour visit next week #10 will be excessively fussy & difficult? I know that may sound mean, but this is the EASIEST, Most Pleasant child I’ve ever had. I want the parents to sense his distress & that he’s not at home with them.  Another friend was adopting a few years ago, & when the birthmom, at the last minute couldn’t decided to give the baby up or not, friends of the adopted family prayed for the baby to be very fussy during the night.  & that probably was what really helped the mom let go.  Seeing what it’s really like raising a child, & not just getting unrealistic glimpses are so important.

#2.—please pray for #12’s mom to get a GOOD job.  that is a requirement for reunification, & we’re praying for a good, stable, healthy job for her.

THANKS friends!!

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