Just stuff

1. #12 is getting weekly overnight visits starting tonight! & should be completely back with mom by end of Feb/early March!! Excited for them to be back together!!

2. #10’s last visit before trial is this Friday. My sweet friend Holly is going with me. Such a treat to not be sitting there by myself staring at the clock.

3. New info-Foster parents aren’t allowed to use any physical discipline, but just found out that while parents have an open CPS case, they also are not allowed to! not even light hand squeezes. shocked me a little when case worker recently told me that.

4. More New info-There really isn’t much of a difference in a parent having their rights terminated vs them relinquishing. except for less paperwork & such, both sets of parents can continue having kids & not have them taken away unless another situation comes up.

5. Today was a great day watching 10&12 play together!! not as much screaming as usual, it was such a treat! Sure wish I could post pics on here.

6. regarding #10-My anxiety over the visits at the moment is ok.  Knowing that in less than 2 weeks there should be a final answer is good. Still praying that parents will relinquish rights before trial.  Comforted again today by Proverbs 31 ministries …. a reminder that Jesus is STRONGER than anything that comes our way! even our own emotions & esp those things we have no control over. (like parents & juries decisions) Resting in HIM today. lovely peace beyond understanding. thanks for praying!

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