I’m a project starter.  But not so good at finishing them. so maybe if I post them on here then I’ll really push & finish these up soon.

my friend Mandy is VERY creative & is great at starting & finishing projects. after reading her blog & a trip to Canton trade days I found my next project. Spent 1/2 a day working on it, & now it’s still sitting in the garage. It’s an OLD window. so lots of paint to get off, then I’ll probably give it a new coat of paint. Although instead of family pics I think we’ll do some scene. (or that’s what Robbie thinks..we shall see)

Also, after finally painting & decorating my oldest’s room…


I’m finally working on his Mario Quilt:

the pieces..

starting to lay them out in the right pattern

this is about 1/3 way down the quilt & I haven’t even started sewing yet!  Sew much to do! 😉

—thought I’d try posting about some things other than just my fostering emotions & such—-

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3 Responses to Projects

  1. Amber says:

    The Mario room looks great! I have never done any cool projects like that. But I am definitely in the same boat with my lack of ability to FINISH projects. I’m working on it! I find it helps to set small goals each day. So (I don’t know anything about quilting) but you could put on your to-do list every day a certain task to do. Like sew 20 pieces together, or whatever. Small enough that you can actually GET it done. But not so small that it’s not worth getting all of the supplies out. I’ve been doing this with housework. One day it’s “replace the foil in the ovens,” another day it’s “clean behind the fridge,” and then it’s “dust the ceiling fan blades.” These are things that I may not decide to do otherwise, or I would procrastinate FOREVER on them. But by adding just one small task to my to-do list, it helps me to see that it WILL eventually all get done! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this with my scrapbooking, which is a similar project to what you’re doing.

  2. mandy says:

    sweet friend… i’m just getting caught up on your blog. i wanted to find out what happened with #10… argh! so frustrated with you! i’m just so ready to see you and your fam in a peaceful place!!! God’s timing is always right even though at times like these you wonder how?? i’m proud of you for keeping an eternal perspective! you are A-mazing! i also laughed OUT LOUD when you said i’m great at starting and finishing projects. i had that frame 2 years before i put pics in it… just wanted to remind you to keep it real! 🙂 i’m sure i’m more behind than you! hee,hee!

    • rmljones says:

      Mandy good to know projects sometime take you awhile as well! Seems like you’re always so on top of things, good to know you are human too 🙂
      As for peace in our home, I feel pretty peaceful in most everything in our lives & completely trust God & His timing. My emotions just haven’t gotten in line with that yet, but I’m working on it. Basing all decisions off truth & trust in Him is how I try to live. Robbie lives that way constantly. He’s a great rock 🙂 I think part of fostering is living life a little differently. & part of that is putting our hearts on our sleeves & out on the line for a child’s sake. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the emotions of it all , & that’s usually when I blog. I’ll work on that so everyone will know I’m not a basket case every day. & after a few hours today, I’m good. 🙂

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