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Last summer I barely read blogs….then my friend Joanna set me up a google reader account…& now I am blog crazy!!  I LOVE LOVE reading my friend’s blogs! So keep writing! They’re always the first ones I read in my google reader. But I won’t post that list since some people like their personal info kept personal.

As for the rest of the blogs, they’re divided into food, art/craft, $savings, neat (random ones I think are neat), & sewing.  I have a few I for sure click on when I see a post, but most I skim over them to see if I want to actually read the whole post or not. Tonight I’ll post my favorite food blogs..

  • muffin tin mom -just found this one today so I don’t have a strong opinion on it
  • I am baker -check out her rose cake tutorial!
  • cookie crazie – one of my FAVORITES!!! I’m becoming a fan of cookie decorating (more than cake!! & I love Pam’s glaze recipe as I’m not a fan of royal icing, taste wise)
  • Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle – another cookie site, she uses royal icing. She has great ideas & tutorials
  • Gina’s skinny recipes – haven’t made any of these yet, but like that they’re “skinny”
  • Annie’s eats
  • Glorious Treats – another cookie decorating blog
  • Picky Palate – click on this soon for an AMAZINGLY sinful recipe!!!
  • Aarti Paarti – This is Aarti who won The Next Food Network Challenge last season. her blog is about food, & about just her personal life. she’s a great writer
  • Bakerella – most of you probably know about her, but once in awhile I run across someone who hasn’t. sadly I still have yet to ever make a cake pop!
  • Tasty Kitchen – yet again most everyone has this one in their reader, but just in case you don’t….
  • The Farm Chicks – not always about food, but I like her simplicity & sweet farm style.
  • Wendolonia – heard of Bentos?! really cool lunchboxes & she shows weekly how she fills her kids lunches. great ideas!! except they eat a lot of tofu…ya, we don’t do tofu here…

alright..more of my fav blogs another day! night!




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One Response to Blogs I Read

  1. Mrs. U says:

    FUN!! I haven’t heard of a few of these blogs and can’t wait to check them out! I love reading people’s favorite blogs posts!!

    Mrs. U

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