“Final” trial results

Today was #10’s final trial.  Or was supposed to be. Parents didn’t show up.  Their Lawyer asked for an extension. Judge granted it..until March 25th….that’s the new final date.  Although it’s in our favor that they didn’t show up (very not good for them) it’s so frustrating that a decision wasnt’ made. & they will get every-other-week visits until March 25th. SO NOT FAIR!! The visits are probably the thing I’m most frustrated about.  How can they do what is wrong….& still get to see their child. WRONG!!

ok, well I’m off to give baths, dinner, then after bedtime probably run to the gym to literally run (get some frustrations out), then run to the store.

Thanks for all your prayers for us.

FOLLOW-UP…I didn’t end up going to the gym or to the store. after a few vents of frustration I feel much better. the songs that sum things up right now are

  • it is well with my soul……”Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say..it is well, it is well with my soul!!!”
  • “He is able, more than able, to do much more than I could ever dream….”
  • & lastly, “I will survive!” ha!!

thanks dear friends for validating my feelings, sharing in our joy & pain & for the prayers.  God is so sovereign & in control & I rest in that.

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