Things I’m grateful for at the moment….

I’m linking up with Aarti Sequeira (of Aarti Paarti blog & show)….

I am frequently encouraged & inspired by her blog. not just to cook, but to have a better attitude about life, to be more grateful for all that He is & has given to me! Even the small things. Her topic of the day is being grateful for the small things, even when life seem so hard & overwhelming & maybe even awful.

So here are some things I am grateful for at the moment:

  • amazing hubby who is my bestest friend
  • Super sweet kids
  • watching the babies belly laugh while rolling a toy tractor back & forth today
  • my gym membership
  • yummy frozen yogurt I had tonight!! (go Blue Bell!!)

My life is no where near awful or hard.  We knew when we signed up for fostering that this could be very hard.  For us we don’t want that easy, happy go lucky life.  We have HIS deep peace that passes all understanding & that’s more than enough! Yes, sometimes my emotions get the better of me, & I have to vent a bit….but I know that TRUTH. that GOD is in complete control, His ways are higher than mine, His timing is right & I rest in that!  So when I post about my emotions (whether they be anger or sadness or worry) please know that’s not my overall attitude about things. more of a momentary blurb. I LOVE LOVE Fostering.  It’s SO incredible to be a part of these little ones lives & their parents lives!

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One Response to Things I’m grateful for at the moment….

  1. Sarah says:

    Those of us reading your posts know YOU and know your heart. We know you hate, hate, HATE showing your emotions but even when you do, we love you. And I for one, love you even more for being real and honest…not just saying what you know in your head to be true but letting us get a glimps of your raw emotions and thoughts. Don’t ever apologize for that. I can’t even begin to understand the fostering side of your life but I know you have so many friends who foster right along with you who I am sure appreciate your “realness” even more then I do because you are just voiceing their exact feelings as well. Anyway….I love you, friend, and am praying for you, Robbie, and all the kiddos as you continue through this amazing journey. Thanks for letting me in on a small piece of it through your blog posts. You really are amazing and I’m honored to have seen you grow into the beautiful Godly woman you are today!

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