Grocery Savings Blogs….& DIAPER SAVINGS!!

Ok, since I already have WordPress open & the kids are in bed I shall post more of the blogs I “read” Tonight’s category:

Grocery Savings-I really skim over these. rarely click on any.  these bloggers post a LOT & some have facebook pages, so I see their posts several times. & a lot of these blogs have stores that sadly we don’t have in our area. But I”ve found some good deals through them, so it’s worth a 45 second skim every day.

  1. Hip2Save
  2. Totally Target
  3. Couponing in critical times
  4. Fantastic Find
  5. My Frugal Adventures
  6. Passion for Savings
  7. – this is one I really just watch facebook posts on..but just checked & they do have a blog.
  8. Money Saving Mom -this is my friend Steph’s favorite. She has some GREAT articles about saving $. Like they paid for their house with cash. wowzers!  Yet again, I”ve been just following her on FB, but am adding her blog now.

So these blogs post about daily deals from different stores, websites, coupons, etc.  Some things I”ve found through these blogs are all the group daily deal sites….Groupon, Seize the Deal, Plum District…etc.  I’ve gotten Amazon $20 account credit for $10, Papa murphy’s Pizza $10 cards for $5, 1/2 price for family plus membership to the local Science Museum (which works at hundreds of other museums around the country)….etc.


here’s how:

  1. sign up for amazon mom.  that automatically gives you a 15% discount + gives you a free prime membership which has free shipping.
  2. When you find what you want, order with the “Subscribe & Save” program. it’s a gold/orange box on the right side of the screen. it’ll save you an extra 15%
  3. If you have parenting type magazines, check for the 20% off an amazon baby item coupon in them (usually lime green postcards stuck in them). After you’ve clicked on the subscribe & save it’ll give you a box to add extra coupon codes. I think you can do 1 a month.
  4. After you receive your items (which is usually 2-3 days) you can go into your account, click on “manage subscribe & save items” & cancel your subscriptions. or you can keep them coming each month, whichever you prefer.
  5. Also, you’ll want to make sure the item you’re purchasing is “prime member eligible”  you can sort by that on the left side of the screen.  I buy LUVS, because they’re good & inexpensive. & I’ve gotten them for as little as $.08 each, but usually more like $.11, which is cheaper than the Target brand diapers.

hope this helps ya’ll in someway!

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2 Responses to Grocery Savings Blogs….& DIAPER SAVINGS!!

  1. Thank you for teaching me how to do it in amazon. I honestly have not tried do so in that site. I am really skeptical online since it is my hard earned money.

    • rmljones says:

      Just don’t forge to unsubscribe right after you get your first order of diapers, that is unless you want it coming monthly. I usually unsubscribe then reactivate the subscription when I need more. 🙂

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