Inspection Follow-Up

Our Inspection is over. Went well! Only got written up for our CPR/First Aid being a little out of date. But we are getting it renewed in 2 weeks, so no worries.  This lady was much less invasive & kinder than our previous inspector.

I want y’all to read a comment one of my friends emailed me.  (BTW-she is one of the kindest, gentlest people I have ever met so I didn’t take this personally at all):

“Just a different perspective on the home inspections…my brother and I went to a family-run daycare for years that was smallish and in a home setting. The lady that ran the daycare was very abusive to many children and was very good at hiding it from parents and state workers (who ran scheduled inspections). I can’t help but feel that if maybe just 1 time a worker had dropped by for a ‘surprise’ visit that she may have been caught and lost her license much earlier (she wound up finally being shut down after 20 years in the daycare business). I know what your family is doing is saving lives and providing stability and God’s love to many children and families.
I think though that because of my personal experience I’m in favor of surprise visits and not giving much notice, because unfortunately there are foster parents who abuse children and are good at hiding it.”

My heart is SO heavy thinking what my friend (&others in that home) went through.  She is right, that there needs to be surprise visits to catch those bad ones.

I still personally struggle with being so watched over.  But that stems from a general problem with authority that I have….that I didn’t realize I had until another friend pointed it out to me a few years back.

I want cops to catch the people who consistently speed & drive unsafe..not pull over me when I accidentally go 6 miles over while going down a hill.

I want the people who really don’t pay their bills to get sent to collections & have to pay….not us when our insurance company is dragging their feet & so the computer system automatically sends us to collections.

I want the foster homes who really don’t care about the children to be watched over & shut down…..not me being so invaded.

As an almost anal rule follower I’ve found that rules are for rule followers. not really for the rule-breakers. because they don’t care. they’re gonna do what they want no matter what.

But that’s just my cynical view of things. sad. I know.

My parents used to own a donut shop.  My dad says that when the health inspector showed up he knew he’d get written up for something, because the inspector has to find something wrong.  Pre-kids when I worked & had my annual job review I couldn’t & wasn’t allowed to get excellent scores. it always had to be at least one down from the top.  Gotta have something to strive for but not be able to attain, right?.

It’s kind of hard always trying to live up to perfection…when it’s not possible, but it’s expected.

Thankful that HE loves me & has chosen me even in all my imperfections.  thankful that He isn’t constantly checking to make sure I’m following every little rule & regulation. &  thankful that my goal is to please HIM, not man.

It’s also a good reminder for me to check my expectations of others…husband, kids, friends…am I expecting more out of people than they’re able to give?

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2 Responses to Inspection Follow-Up

  1. Amber says:

    I totally know where you’re coming from with regard to rule-following and perfectionism. I’m the exact same way. It also frustrates me that I spend so much of my energy trying to be better and do better, and have such high expectations for my own life. But I see people all around me who seem to have no regret whatsoever for any bad decisions they’ve made in the past, and are not really trying to do any different for the future. I feel like I’m trying so hard, but they’re not even trying a little. And somehow they are able to remain blissfully unaware of their flaws, and are the fun-loving people that everyone admires!!!

  2. LaDawn says:

    Loved this post!

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