#12 court date

Well, #12 is still with us. It’s been over 7 months now…. Crazy! Today was a progress hearing & I guess it was decided to not return him home quite yet as there are a few lingering issues that the case worker & CASA worker want to make sure stay clear for a little longer. Next court date is April 15th, so about 4 more weeks. I really thought we would have already said goodbye or would be doing it soon, so I’m a little bummed.

#10 & #12 are right about the same age & although they used to enjoy playing together, now they do not. So I was hoping to get 12 back with mom & get an itty bitty one. But I trust Gods timing. I know He has used this chapter of our fostering adventure to show us things about ourselves & about ‘that other world’. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
But I’m sure ready to have a teeny one around again 😉

For real Final trial for #10 is Friday, 25th!! Praise the Lord I am not anxious about it at all! No visits have been requested by bio parents since late Feb, which I’m sure is good news for us regarding termination of their rights! But I do ask for prayers that the right & final decision will be made that day.

Several have asked about what the process is after the final trial. From what I understand there is a 90 waiting period before an adoption can be complete. The child has to live with you for 6 months, but since this one has been with us for 13 months now, it’s just a 90 wait. During that time parents can appeal a judges decision & possible family members can pop up & request to be considered for a permanent home for the child. I doubt either will happen in this case. I expect this to take longer than just 90 days, as most things with CPS take longer than they ought. So we’re looking at late summer for things to be final…??? Then there will be lots of pics up here!!! 😉

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One Response to #12 court date

  1. Natasha says:

    I know and get all that you have shared!
    Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds.
    I am excited for a wee-one sometime too!

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