Spring Break 2011

We decided to be a little frugal this year & had a very chill spring break.

We spent a couple days at home then headed to


Wonderful Climbing trees..

he’s ALWAYS been a climber.

we found him on our dining table when he was around 8 months old

she’s not as much of a climber..

Friends swinging

(D&A on outer swings & our friend L on middle swing)

Friends chatting & skipping rocks on the pond.

Can I say how refreshing it is to have family friends? Ya know, where the wives are good friends, & the husband are good friends & kids are good friends?! We are blessed!

I used this a LOT! It was incredibly helpful! & now I want one!!

I even got to sip my crystal light lemonade (0 points on WW! yahoo!) &  read a book! Treasured time for sure! BTW-my friend Holly got me this book (‘One Thousand Gifts, a Dare to live fully right where you are’) & it’s amazing. Sadly I’m just slow at reading it.

While I was doing the above, hubby & Mr Brad took kids on the “Camper Joe Trail”

we also…..swang on the big swing:

Played Pickleball

Canoed (is that how you spell that?)


girls (they had hubby with them, but this picture was better…sorry R!):

D-man’s maiden voyage solo

the boys:

painted rocks & little lego men made out of salt dough

(although ours didn’t turn out quite as unique as hers, it was still fun. might try round 2 at home…maybe using markers??!!)

we made a fire & had smores, kindly provided to us by Mr. Brad

girls spent a good amount of time working on a surprise project for us….

they made a long list of things about Jesus…His traits, & things He has & does do…then they cut them up, put all our names in a cup, & we’d draw a name & that person would read one of their notes. It was SO SWEET!

Mr. Brad brought his banjo & entertained us

On our last day we headed to the Children’s Museum of Houston….

pics on another post…this one is already full enough!

It was SUCH a great 3 days of just being together. I haven’t felt that relaxed in a LONG time & we hope to go again in the fall!


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