So last Friday was the 2nd try at #10’s Final Trial…..&…it was postponed. again. One of the lawyers was stuck in another trial that went longer than expected.  I was hoping the judge would squeeze the new date in his busy docket, but alas, he did not. Or maybe he did, & May 2nd really is soon. It’s a little less than 5 weeks away, so not horrible. Could be worse.

The BEST thing is the AMAZING Peace that HE has given me. I don’t feel anxious at all! Annoyed? Yes. But not worried.  No visits have been requested….it’s been over 2 months now since we’ve had a visit. That helps my peace level a TON!

Should be saying goodbye to #12 soon!  He & his mom are SOOO ready to be together! He’s like a different kid with her than with me.

Off to work more on the Mario Quilt…evening #3 of being productive! awesomeness!

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