in between…

In between placements is kind of weird.

It’s nice because I have lots more free time, kids get more attention, house gets more attention, etc.

But it’s kind of like when you’re REALLY close to your due date & you know at any minute your life will change. Whatever you’re in the middle of doing will be stopped once contractions start, or water breaks. whichever.

I am enjoying a quieter house. I am loving not waking up to screaming. & oddly enough I kind of like this ‘who knows what could happen at any minute’ feeling.

My cell phone is on me or near me constantly. The volume is at full level. If I’m ever where I couldn’t hear the phone ring (like during step class at the gym) I check it often to make sure I didn’t miss a call.  Because when they call with a placement, we have like a moment or maybe a few minutes to decide. Every time the phone rings my heart slightly jumps.

& although we just said goodbye to #12, I’m ready for another one. I think. I’ll get back to you on whether I was ready or not whenever we get another one.  who knows, it could be in the middle of the night tonight! Or it could be in a month! it’s slightly crazy, but that fits with me pretty well: slightly crazy.

This week is the HUGE CCC (Children’s Clothing Consignment) sale that happens twice a year. I volunteer, work, & shop. I’m there a LOT. I LOVE it. It’s a HUGE blessing to our family. So mom & R have the kids Thurs, Fri & Sat. It would be extra work for them if we got another little one..but…if we get one Monday, & I would have missed buying them clothes at the sale by 2 days I will be bummed! Maybe I’ll have an update for you soon with the title: #13!!

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