• Monday 9:05 pm phone rings. I assume it’s mom, but my caller ID shows my CH case worker’s name!  A sibling group is being split & would we take the itty bitty one? um…YES!!
  • Monday 9:30 a placement worker from CPS calls to verify we are taking the placement & says it will be awhile because they have to find a place for the older sibling.
  • Tues 12:30 am CPS case worker who has the children calls & says they will be leaving the office sometime soon.
  • Tues 2 am they arrive. As I go out to the car to help bring things in I see they are dropping off our little one first, then taking older one to another home. My heart is BREAKING.  If my body produced many tears they would have been flowing.  Older sibling reminded me of one of our bio kids & it made me so sad.  Older sibling was so sad saying bye to little sibling.  OH. MY. Goodness. Saddest thing I’ve experienced yet in almost 3 years of fostering. I wanted to say oh just come in & stay with us & your little sibling! But I can’t. we don’t have the bed & we’ve decided to not take kids older than our kids, or even close to their age actually.  I’m praying that the older one went to a family who could really invest in him/her.
  • Tues 3:30-6:20 I & little one get some sleep, then up & at it for the day.

So far things are going well.  Besides my allergies going nuts lately, it’s been a good week. Busy. Dr. appointment just to check little one out. WIC appointment to get formula. Kinkos to copy papers for #10, #12, & #13 as I have been VERY behind in getting case workers their papers. Must stay more on top of that!

No clue how long we’ll have #13.  There are some things up in the air…waiting on some test results & the 14 day hearing.  This is the strangest case yet. & I wish I could just put it all on here, but I can’t.  At least wanted to let those of you who had not heard yet that we have another one.  & I LOVE it!!

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One Response to #13

  1. LaDawn says:

    I love reading about your journey so whatever you can share, please do! Best wishes for the latest addition.

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