that was quick

Foster #13 had court today.

I had a CPS worker tell me she’s never seen a child go back at the 14 day hearing in 3.5 years of working for CPS. (all placements have hearing 14 days after the initial placement for the judge to review the case, CPS to present their goals, parents to present their side, etc.) So mentally I fully expected little one to stay with us.  But I had this lingering feeling that we were going to say goodbye today.

Our CH worker goes to court for us as often as she can. She called right after court to update me & said baby would be returning home (& big sibling, who was at a different foster home). The kids are going home on monitored return, as most all cases do, but looks like the parents were telling the truth & have been cleared of the accusations.  So I’m really glad they got their kids back. I can’t imagine being falsely accused of something & having my kids taken away from me for it. I’d be ENRAGED actually!!

I do LOVE LOVE LOVE having newborns around, so enjoyed some last minute snuggling today. But when the time came to say goodbye I was ok! No tears or sad emotions really at all.  Got to say goodbye to big sibling as I put baby in the case worker’s car. Man was big sibling excited!! & oh so sweet! I never really got attached this time. Just enjoyed having a tiny one again. & who knows, maybe the phone will ring again in the middle of the night. 2 weeks ago tonight, at this exact time (9:05pm) is when the phone rang for #13!  Although I sure would like 1 night of full sleep.  Ahh….might even head that way soon! Got some sleep to catch up on I do believe!

We are officially on “the list” again. Whatever that is. I think there really is some list out there on the internet for CPS to see about open homes. maybe?

So this was our shortest placement. here’s kind of how long each one has stayed so far, starting May 19, 2008:

  1. a little over 4 months
  2. 2 months
  3. 1 month
  4. 1 month
  5. little over 3 months (with 6&)
  6. same (sibling group)
  7. same (sibling group)
  8. almost 4 months
  9. almost 2 months
  10. over 14 months…still have! & hope to adopt
  11. 3 weeks
  12. 7.5 months
  13. 2 weeks

When the goal is reunification with the parents, then the time frame is usually 6 months. That’s about how long it takes for the parents to work their plan & the children to slowly move back to being with their parents full time.  Officially they have a year to work their plan, & sometimes get an extension, but at 1 year is when the final trial usually is & permanent decisions are made.  Most of our placements they’ve moved to a relative or friend of the family as soon as they can. Although moving kids several times is sad & hard, when the parents don’t have any family or friends to move the child to, means they don’t have much if any healthy support either.  So by the time they’re with us & are staying with us, it’s a hard road & I ache for the parents who are so lost with no one to help guide them. that’s why we got so involved with #10’s mom. & still have a relationship with her! PTL!

NIGHT!! Sleep tight!! I sure will! 😉

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