so #13 left Monday evening. we were put right back on “the list” as ready for another placement. As soon as I heard #13 was leaving I starting packing up his things & started putting away things we wouldn’t be using anymore. I enjoyed 2 nights of uninterrupted sleep, then Wednesday fully put things away/de-babyfied the living room & kitchen (pack’n play, bouncy seat, bottles, etc). The only thing I had left was to wash a few things, stick the pack’n play in the attic & take the infant car seat base out of the van.  Thursday I did all those things & said to myself, well, I bet we’ll get a call now that it’s all put away. Robbie came home for lunch & I was telling my phone to ring!! he chuckled. then I took a shower & he was doing something in the office. I was baking some cookies, & got a call CH-“Mary Lynne, would you like a baby today?!”  me-“ummm, yes please!”

Robbie came out from the office & I said “well, we’re getting a baby today!” He chuckled again. “you just told the phone to ring, I went in the office, & when I came out it had rang with a baby for you! funny!”

I was hoping this teeny one would be with us awhile, but the case worker said they are doing home studies on a couple family members, so we may be saying goodbye after the 14 day hearing. *sigh* but oh well. I get to snuggle a teeny one. & even though his nights & days are completely backwards & we’re battling jaundice, I love it!

After we got the placement call, but before he came to our house I felt God working on my heart, telling me that this case is going to be hard & that my heart is going to be torn. I’m thankful that He warned me, so I can proactively pray & lean on Him. The case itself is pretty yucky, so I’m not sure if that’s what God meant, although it seemed to be more about our time with this one & having to say bye. Either way, just praising the Lord that we have this time with this teeny one & praying for his future!

Tomorrow is the BIG day for #10!!!! Round 3 at the final trial. Praying this really is it. Praying for all truth to be revealed, wisdom for the judge, health & availability for all parties that need to be there to be able to be there! Something happened about 2 weeks ago that is going to make tomorrow MUCH easier for CPS’s side. I can see God’s hand in the delays to get court after this news.  & although the last 15 months I’ve mentally trusted the Lord, knowing that His hand was in everything, & that His timing was best, it just didn’t settle in.  Isn’t it amazing when you can look back & see the hand of God weaving things together for the good!!  Wish my heart could have fully grasped that MONTHS ago. *sigh* hindsight!! Still thanking the Lord for the amazing peace He has overwhelmed me with. Seriously, we’re 12.5 hours away from the final trial, & I’m not even thinking about it very much!

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2 Responses to #14!!!

  1. Christa Hagler says:

    Thanks for the update! Praying for you friend and love hearing you share the ways you can see the Lord’s hand in so much of this process. Such a privillege to join you in rejoicing over what the Lord is doing! Love you friend.

  2. mandy says:

    i’ll be praying for little man! keep us posted!

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