Monday morning was #10’s final trial.

The parents relinquished their rights!! After 15 months we are FINALLY done with this part of our journey with #10 & are on the adoption countdown!

I’m still not positive all the steps & what order they are in from here on out. Which if you know me, you know that drives me BANANAS!! So once we get through this thing I’ll make up a steps/list/timeline for others who will be going through this & are like me – needing LISTS! 😉

What we do know is that there is a 90 waiting period before we can adopt.  It is in part for the parents to appeal, had they not relinquished & judge had to terminate their rights, & it’s for family members to step up.  But at this point there are no family or friends appropriate or willing, so we are the plan for #10’s future! We’re beyond excited. Although I feel more relief than anything.  God had given us such peace the last couple months that I wasn’t surprised when I got the call that they had relinquished.

We’ll be hiring a lawyer in the next few months, & the case will be transferred to the CPS adoption unit.  We will get an adoption worker & she/he should walk us through this process as it unfolds. we’ll keep you updated!!

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