Addendum to yesterday’s post

Ok so yesterday I said case workers, CPS, lawyers, judges, etc don’t care about our feelings. But I need to say that I have a few case workers who have cared about our feelings. They’ve been kind & as compassionate as they can be in their awkward middle relationship between parent & foster. Our case worker with our first placement actually gave us a few more days with #1 when a relative passed a home study & little one was leaving.

What I meant was that our emotions, feelings, attachments to these kids have no value when it comes to decisions on the child’s future. (unless an adoption is in the plans) & it’s hard being so vulnerable all the time. Loving kids & trying to not get attached at the same time. Like I said before, there are some kids that we just haven’t connected well with, so saying goodbye wasn’t hard. But there are some that not just saying goodbye part is hard, but the weekly visits, court hearings, waiting to hear results from home studies being done on their relatives is emotionally draining.

But it is still worth it!! I just wanted to clarify on case workers in case any of them read this, bc we have had some great ones!!

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