WARNING: This will probably be VERY boring to most of you. But it’s such a big part of our fostering daily life that I had to share. 🙂

Awhile ago I said I’d show you how I keep up with my daily fostering paperwork.

Here’s the 2 binders I have going for the 2 fosters (#10 & #14) that we have right now.

The blue is #14’s & white is #10’s.

My mom went to the pediatrician with me a few weeks ago. We went at least 2 time that week. On the second trip I didn’t have the white binder with me & my mom asked why I didn’t bring it…she thought it was for all my foster placements, not just one! ha!

So what all is in the binders? well….I have 3 sections:

  1. Monthly Recreation schedule & Summary. Our agency makes us do these. It’s a bit of a pain, but has been good to look back & know when certain appointments were, what was going on, etc.  about once a week I fill in what we did each day. it usually says “Gym, Home”. & I weekly put things on the summary like “smiled, rolling over, was sick, etc.”
  2. Medical. Each time we go to the dr or dentist we have to have something signed by the dr. saying we were there & what for.  Our agency has a simple form that I fill out as much as I can, then let the dr fill in diagnosis & sign. CPS also has a form that is 3 pages long & a pain. I thought we had to use the CPS form, but when we were inspected a couple months ago the inspector said it doesn’t have to be the CPS form. I also keep all records from the dr in there. shot records, growth charts, etc. & I keep their monthly medicaid “cards” in there (which is really a piece of paper) this is by far the thickest section. Especially when you’ve had a child for 16 months! Oh yes, & we have to document every medicine we give them, so there’s lots of medicine paperwork in there too. (OTC & Prescriptions)
  3. Placement papers & court reports. When a placement comes, it’s almost like you were buying a house there’s so many things to sign. Medical consent form, placement papers, CPS discipline policy (yes, you have to sign saying you won’t use physical discipline even if it’s a newborn), placement papers from our private agency, affidavit (the legal document with judge’s approval of the removal…sometimes this doesn’t come until after you’ve gotten the placement. esp if it was an emergency placement & they didn’t have time to get a judge’s approval before removal). In the last 8 months or so I learned that we are allowed copies of the court reports. that’s what the case workers type up before court of what all is going on with the case. it’s quite informative. Now that I know I can get it I always ask case workers to email it to me. They’re not allowed to directly tell us much information about what is happening with the case, but you can get this report &/or go to court & learn as much as you want that way.

& here’s all the paperwork on our placements since #1!!

I also keep all emails between me & case workers in a “fostering file” in my email. & if they email documents to me (like the court report), I just save it to my computer. I have a digital file for each foster child & a file for all the forms so I can just print them off whenever I need them.

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One Response to Paperwork

  1. Leslie says:

    WOW! This is awesome (and semi frightening!) to read. Thank you!!

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