adoption journey update

Not too much new to report…although I should post more often, especially some positive posts after my big 2 part gripe about getting in trouble for eye rolling.Which I am mostly over. I’m learning to smile & keep my mouth shut as much as possible around all Case worker, aides, etc. HA!

ANYWAYS…our adoption is rolling right along. the 90 day waiting period after #10’s biological parents signed over rights is done. We are officially selected as the adoptive parents! We’ve filled out more paperwork, have met the adoption worker a couple times, & have hired an adoption lawyer. CH has turned our homestudy in to CPS, so hopefully soon a court date will be set to finalize everything.  Tomorrow we are going up to CH to read the full case file, which will have all the medical history & mental history/evaluations of the bio parents. Then there’s a few more meetings/negotiations, then waiting for the court date. I was hoping by now to type up a “what to expect when you’re adopting through TX-CPS” type thing, but I’m still a little confused on it all. Maybe once the whole thing is done I can do that.

#14 is still with us. Happiest, easiest baby ever!! I keep waiting for the phone to ring telling me the home study on the relatives is completely & baby will be moving, but so far I haven’t heard anything. I wouldn’t say I’m attached to #14 like happened to #10, but if things ended up where we did get the option to adopt #14 we would be VERY excited about that! #10 & #14 have some of the same race, which would be great growing up adopted in the same home.

that’s all for now folks. not very exciting, i know, but it’s kind of nice having a bit of drama free life, even if it is just for a few weeks 🙂

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One Response to adoption journey update

  1. Sarah says:

    If it falls through and you don’t get #14, can we be next in line??? 🙂

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