My friends who foster &/or have adopted

When we embarked on the foster/adopt journey we didn’t know anyone else doing what we were doing. Since then we have probably a dozen friends/acquaintances who foster & several more who have adopted!  Not all of them blog, but a few of them do & I wanted to share their blogs/stories with you. I could talk/listen fostering & adoption all day! & BTW, you can never ask me too personal of a question about it, so if there’s any lingering questions out there, ask away!

The Perryman’s

I met Natasha & Adam years ago through a mutual friend. Facebook connected us recently & I’ve so enjoyed reading about their adoption journey.  They adopted 2 kids from Vietnam & just finalized a CPS adoption in Oklahoma of a 12 yr old girl. Their church videoed sweet Karrington talking about her adoption & it was Precious!! (I rarely use that word as I dislike it quite a bit, BUT…it was the BEST word to describe her video!)

The Larshes

These Sweet friends have a been fostering for almost a year now. They have one they might get to adopt & one they just sent back to bio mom which was so hard! But they handled it as well as you can, & we are all praying that the Lord will open doors for an ongoing relationship between them, sweet baby girl & her mom.

The Hunts

Rachel & I spent a year of college together at Ravencrest studying the Bible. Her & her husband have just adopted their second son from South Korea. I LOVE reading her posts!

Our friend Joanna is licensed & waiting her first placement. Without even having a foster placement yet she is seeing God use this as a great tool of refinement! (which I will say sure is!)

Other friends who have or are currently foster: Easts, Jenz, Estes, Hoopers, Wallings, Prescotts, Watters, & so many others!

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