I’m on the hunt for a new stroller.

I’ve had a LOT of different strollers. All for different scenarios.

I’m hoping this new stroller will be like magic & will work no matter what age of child we have or what seating arrangement we need. With fostering it’s never certain what age we’ll get, so I’d like one final, versatile stroller.

1. We started off with a basic stroller given to us by my in-laws as a baby gift when our first was born. It was simple, lightweight, & just right. We were given our infant carrier second hand & it didn’t fit in the stroller, but I didn’t care. We’d just take the little guy out of his carrier & put him in the stroller.

2. Then my parents bought us our first double stroller before our second child was born. It got LOTS of use. The carrier didn’t fit in it either, but that was ok. It was big & heavy. Robbie called it the suburban. (oddly enough I don’t have a picture of our kids in it! So here’s some blurred out “friends” using it)

3. Umbrella from my aunt/uncle that my cousin used (14 years ago!) we still use this one, although the canopy had to be taken off & the wheels shake a little.

4. Wagon. So it’s not technically a stroller, but this was my husband’s favorite way to take kids on walks around the neighborhood.(another gift from my parents)

5. Also not a stroller, but we did use it to take around town as well as using as a bike trailer. It actually is really light, smooth & easy to push! (bought at CCC sale for $50!)

6. At some point we borrowed a friend’s simple frame stroller that held a single infant carrier. LOVED that stroller. so simple & lightweight.

7. When we had  8 month old foster baby that weighed 24 lbs we borrowed a friend’s single jogger. He was so heavy that I could barely carry him! Joggers “drive” so very nice!

8. Then when we had #10 & #11, & they were both in infant car seats, I borrowed a Graco double stroller from another friend. It held both car seats & was wonderful! Probably my husband’s FAV.

9. double umbrella (JEEP). really loved this one. it was so small & compact & easy to pop up & down. The main issue with this one is that when we had 2 fosters the same age they started pulling each others hair, pinching, stealing snacks…etc. (CCC $30)

10. Single stroller like the first one. Bought at the CCC for $10!

11. Joovy Sit-N-Stand. I like this one a lot. But our little guy is not liking sitting on the back seat/stand part. (although I think he’s a little too young). & this is a heavy stroller. takes a lot to push. I have an attachment that turns the front seat into a holder for our infant carrier, which is nice, but makes it about a foot longer. (CCC $50)

So WHY am I on the hunt for another one? WELL…I’m really hoping to find a good one that is very versatile. that’ll work if I have 2 infants, or 1 infant & 1 toddler. or a 3 yr old & an infant, or a 3 yr old & toddler.

Here’s the 3 I have it narrowed down to:

1. Graco Duoglide: It’s the light, short, easy to open & close, can hold 2 infant seats & uses the current infant seat that I have.2. Baby Trend Sit-n-Stand Double. This really is the most versatile. It’s just 3 lbs heavier than the Graco. The back seat comes off & turns into a regular sit-n-stand when #10 gets a little older. So our little guy can sit in the front for now while the baby is closer to me in the infant carrier, then when they both get older they can swap where they sit.

I read one review where a lady 8 mos pregnant had 3 of her kids in it. The 1.5 yr old in front, 3 yr old sitting on back & 4 yr old standing in back & LOVED it! It’s got some great reviews & some bad reviews. which makes me nervous. & I’d have to get a new infant car seat to make it work. Which isn’t too bad as the 3 I’ve had over the last 9 years have all been hand me downs.

3. Joovy Ergo (same brand as our current one, but a little more versatile & much lighter) this way the baby is in the back, so toddler can see out the front. although once baby is too big for the infant seat then they have to trade again.

Which one do you think is the better option? I know this all may seem way over the top, but I’m really trying to be smart with this purchase.Or maybe I’m just over thinking it. That is totally a possibility as well.

Total side note on a couple other strollers I seriously considered:

I wanted one called a Kidz Kargo. It is a double jogger, but it’s tandem (front & back) instead of side to side. It’s a British company, & I couldn’t find any info so I contacted my friend who lives in England. He did some searching & said the company went out of business. probably because the stroller kept closing on kids! SCARY!

I looked at Phil & Ted‘s. but:

  1. I’m not a runner,
  2. I think our toddler would freak if I put him in the bottom seat, &
  3. I really want the option of using the infant carrier for when we have itty bitty ones.

it’s a cool stroller though, & if you are a jogger I’d suggest checking this one out!




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