My sweet girl

HAD to share this sweet thought by my sweet A(she’s 7.5 yrs)

Last weekend someone asked if we’d adopt #14 tomorrow if we could.

Robbie & I said we for sure would & said “kids, wouldn’t you?”

D(almost 9 yrs old) said YES!

A got a little sad & said that wouldn’t be fair to his mom. She deserves time to learn to make better choices & get him back. “Mom, you wouldn’t want someone just taking D away & giving him to someone else would you?”

Their tender hearts are so sweet. & beyond my compassion level for sure.

I did have to explain to her that often parents give up their children. She couldn’t quite grasp that.

Oh & did I ever tell y’all about D’s comment a few months back?  The day #10’s parents signed over their rights we were so excited to tell the kids that we were for sure going to get to adopt this little one who is so much a part of our family. We assumed they’d be ecstatic as they’ve been talking about adopting him for as long as he’s been with us.

D’s response when I told him was not at all what I expected.  He got a little sad & said “what? they didn’t even try to get their son back?” wish I would have wrote down exactly what he said, but he was more sad for the bio parents. I really was at a loss in how to respond.

Fostering/adopting is such a fine line in caring for & praying for the bio family & at the same time looking out for the child’s best interest.It’s probably been hard for my kids to grasp all this since some parents we never meet & then there was one mom who we took to church & lunch with us. Let’s be honest here, it’s hard for me to grasp sometimes too!

I’m so thankful for their compassionate hearts that care for the bio parents so much.

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