Looks like….

Looks like we’ll be saying bye to #14 soon. His lawyer was out this evening to see him before court this Thursday. CPS & baby’s lawyer are recommending moving him to a kinship placement (some of his relatives). It could be delayed 2 weeks though, because the Judge is out of town with a broken down vehicle. I’m praying she’s back in time for court Thursday to not delay the inevitable. I’m a little teary eyed, more than I thought I’d be. But mostly ok. Just praying that court actually happens. If you could pray that with me I’d appreciate it!

I have yet to hear from CPS CW, but she’s been on vacation until today, so I’m not surprised. I do hope she contacts me tomorrow. If not, I’ll probably shoot her an email asking to move him asap after court. I’m just not one to want things dragged out. (or is it drug out? IDK. same difference.)

So my CH CW has an email sitting in her inbox for tomorrow morning with this recent update, & asking her to start looking for another placement for us. Once I find out a baby’s leaving, I start mentally packing up their stuff (& sort of literally), writing notes to their new caregivers, making a CD with pictures, & I start wondering what our next placement will be. I guess that’s how I move on. IDK. I probably will have some real tears at some point. but ya never know with these dry ducts. My body could be dry heaving & nothing would come out. Ridiculous. Doesn’t every girl like a good cry sometimes to just get through things & feel better?! no such luck here.

In other news last week was uh, different.  my kids passed the stomach bug from one to the other, slowly as the week went on. D missed 3 days of school & A missed 2. Hubby was out of town, so It was just kind of survival around here. lots & lots of time at home. Generally I like when my kids are sick because they’re all sweet & snuggly & lethargic. & we can enjoy watching movies all day. but this time they had their usual energy plus some. It was crazy. My new stroller came last Thursday which was the highlight of my week!! It’s all everyone said it’d be! Except there’s 1 broken part! boo-hoo! the company is sending us a replacement part asap, which they should for the exorbitant price the stroller was. but we’ve still been able to get some enjoyment out of it. who knows, maybe I’ll become a runner now that I have a good jogging stroller!! um….ya, probably not. but that’s a nice thought.

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