Spray Paint=new life to old toys

Linking up with Mandy at Biblical Homemaking

We have a few things that were my little cousin’s when he was a toddler. (He’s now 15) My aunt & uncle gave us his cozy coupe. (Here’s a picture of it 2.5 yrs ago with these sweet kiddos I babysat)

It still works great, but the red & yellow have been really bugging me. I’d been too cheap to spend the $10 or so to paint it. BUT: Hopefully we will be fostering for many more years….so I should paint it what I want it to look like! I mean, endless days looking at it, $10 isn’t that much, especially since it was free!

so with some Krylon spray paint for plastic it now looks like this:

ahh….so much cooler on the eyes! LOVE!

Although it’s not the cheapest spray paint around, I love the spray paint made for plastic!! I’ve used the Krylon & Rustoleum brands.Think I like the Krylon better. it goes on smoother & dries well. The blue has started chipping just a bit, mainly right around the door of the car where it opens and closes. But overall it’s so much better I don’t mind the little paint chips/scratches! Rustoleum was ok. it frequently came out in drips. & took almost a week of drying for it to be chip resistant. Here’s what I painted using the Rustoleum paint(just the “after” pic. forgot to take a “before” pic:

(I took the pic with my iPod, so it’s not the greatest)

I sure wish I had this for the crazy hot summer we had! But I was waiting for the CCC (Children’s Clothing Consignment) Sale to find one for cheap. It was $20! + $35 in spray paint=$55. may sound like a lot, but I saw one on craigslist for $75, & it was sun-faded original primary colors.

The only drawback to spray paint was that my fingertip was dark brown for over a week & numb from spraying so long! Wish I had bought one of those handles for spray cans!

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2 Responses to Spray Paint=new life to old toys

  1. Marty Jones says:

    I enjoyed seeing these pictures. I like the blue and grey MUCH better too! I continue to be amazed at all you are able to accomplish!! Love, Marty

  2. Mandy says:

    I love that!! Those both look awesome! I never thought to spray paint plastic toys! That’s a great idea!

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