Coffee confession

I don’t like coffee.

I really wish I did! At several times in the last few years I’ve tried hard to like it. But I never do. Boo.

Iced frappuccinos though, are pretty stink’n good! So on our way to Dallas today Robbie & I stopped at Starbucks to potty & grab a drink. Problem? We don’t know how to order at Starbucks!!!
So I asked the lady at the counter what I should get since I don’t like coffee. She was confused; it was her first day. Bring in lady #2 who looked at me confused that I’d be at Starbucks since I don’t like coffee. But I did end up with an iced pumpkin frappuccino (I think?) & it was pretty good!! Meant to take a picture of R & I with our drinks in the camp suburban, but forgot 🙂 oh well. I’m sure most of you know what a pumpkin iced frap looks like because you actually know what you are doing at Starbucks! Fun times. Yummy drink. Mega WW points. Worth it.

Yep, I just posted about a DRINK!! Why? Because things are pretty boring around here. We’ve been open to another placement for 8 weeks now, & not a peep. It’s really not long compared to a few friends who have been waiting 6 & 3 months. I just keep reminding myself that we are in this to be a ministry, not for me. Thankfully God has given me a peaceful heart during our wait. Thankful that right now no little ones need a safe home, & at the same time praying that if there are some little ones in unsafe environments The truth will be made known so they can be moved to a loving environment.

So during this time of quiet I’m attempting to stay on top of things around the house & slowing knocking out that to do list! Ya know, all those projects that linger. Well, now I have time to work on them!

Later gators!

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