10 weeks

It’s been over 10 weeks since we found out #14 was leaving & we told our caseworker to start looking for another placement for us.

Until this week we got ZERO calls. I’ve been waiting to post about this as we have 2 friends who waited a LOT longer than us. they’ve both gotten sweet little girls within the last week, so I don’t feel so bad talking about how long we’ve been waiting. The Lord has given me amazing peace & patience. I felt Him telling me it was going to be awhile, so haven’t felt overly anxious. But let me tell you this week has been a whole different story. I am beyond bored. I’ve never stayed so on top of dishes & laundry. I know I could add things to my schedule to make myself not so bored, but as soon as I did that we’d get another placement & I’d have to either back out on people, or live like a crazy woman for awhile. So I’ve chosen to live simply right now, with huge margins available for whenever we get a placement. After about 2 weeks of waiting we even told our case worker we’d take siblings (2 kids) or a single child. & a few weeks later we said we’d go a little older on our age than we initially said. NOTHING.

Monday my CH cw called & asked if I wanted a newborn girl!!! My heart got all excited. But as I started speed picking up the house I felt like I wasn’t supposed to get baby stuff out of the attic yet. 1 hr later she called back that they found a relative placement.

Tuesday we said yes to a sibling placement, but they were waiting to hear if the judge approved the placement or not. didn’t hear anything until the next morning we learned they found a foster family a little closer to where the kids were from.

On the positive side I’m glad for both outcomes, as it’s better for the kids & workers. Also this way we don’t have a child for a few weeks or month then they move them to a relative. But all of a sudden it’s like 10 weeks of emotions welled up. I had several teary days & nights. The tears really surprised me as I thought I was ok about it all. But the boogers just kept coming. Even at my Bible Study when I got a text from a friend saying she’d heard about the possible sibling group & what happened? I guess 2 no-go’s in a row & a tad bit of jealousy were what did it.

I’m not sure if all the babies are safe right now, or if CPS is just too understaffed right now to catch the little ones who need to be in foster care. So I just pray that God will open workers eyes to see the babies who need to be in foster homes, specifically our home. Today would be a fantastic day for a placement. That would be the best birthday gift!! 2 hours left in the official work day…so it’s still a possibility?!! Not holding my breath.

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