#15 & #16

2 weeks ago we got out 15th & 16th foster kiddos. they are siblings & have an older sister who is in a different foster home. sad. things are going really well!  the toddler had a hard time the first week and a half.  he wanted to be held almost all the time or was crying. but as of today he’s happier & playing by himself! the baby is a really chill baby. & so little! their 14 day hearing was yesterday & looks like they’ll be with us for awhile. next hearing is in February.

Our big kiddos are really enjoying having more babies around. last time we had 5 kids it was a mess! we were run down every night. this time around is so much better!! there’s several reasons for that…our kids are older & are in school most of the day, we went from 3 to 5 instead of 2 to 5 kids. & these kids are younger & so much easier than our other sibling group.

I am heartbroken for the kids older sibling. Today I got to meet her & her foster mom. She’s going to spend Christmas weekend with us & I’m so excited! Too often I feel like fostering is more about me enjoying having babies around than us doing real ministry. so this is our tiny step into doing something much more about the kids than about us.

Our wonderful new-to-us 8 passenger Sienna has come in VERY handy! we’ve already maxed it out a few times.

On the adoption for #10…we’re getting closer! today we signed some subsidy papers, we’re signing the adoption placement papers on the 29th, then the court hearing will be sometime in early-mid January. Exciting!

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