Adoption Date!!!

we finally have a for real, on the schedules adoption court date!!

Jan 31st we will sign the adoption placement papers, then Feb 6th at 9:00 am we will go to court for the adoption consummation(I feel weird using that word, but that’s what the case workers & lawyers used, so there ya go)

It’s so exciting to know this is for real going to happen & that it’s going to happen SOON!!

#15 & #16 have been with us for over a month now. it’s going really well. we had a couple weeks of adjusting, esp with the toddler. but now we’re rolling & grooving as a family of 7. Baby is one of the easiest we’ve ever had. So fortunate!

I couldn’t do it all without help from my mom. When we got into fostering I didn’t realize how much we were pulling those around us into fostering too. My mom helps pick up kids from school, watch kids while I take babies to dr, goes with me on errands. She’s a GEM & I am so blessed to have her as my mom.MOM-I don’t say it near enough, nor could I ever adequately say how much you & dad mean to us. Thank you for all your support while we embark on this adventure. I love you so very much!!

The babies big sis spent Christmas weekend & this past weekend with us. Overall it goes really well when she’s here. She’ll spend a bit of time with the little ones, then pass them off to me & go play with my big kids. I didn’t expect her to be so happy for us to be watching her little siblings.

It still makes me sad that they have to be apart. It’s a long ways down the road, but I think that when our kids are off to college I’d like to foster babies that have older siblings. Most families like us that take babies don’t take older kids, & vice versa. I’d sure love to provide a home for kids to get to stay together. But before we foster older kids we’ll have to have some type of counseling training. When she’s over I’m constantly checking everything I say. should I ask about her parents? or ignore the whole fostering issue? I try to just act like she’s one of the kids friends over to play. Anyone with tips/advice on that I’d LOVE to have it!! these poor kids need some counseling. they need a safe shoulder to process all the things that are going on. at the same time they’re too young to comprehend what’s really going on. Heck, I don’t even understand it all!

Hoping to have her over again in a couple of weekends. If you think of us, please pray for my kids, esp our daughter while she’s over. While we love that our kids are getting to be involved in this ministry with us, & are learning how to treat people who are quite different from us, we sure don’t want to push them too far where a bitter root has soil to grow.

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One Response to Adoption Date!!!

  1. Christa says:

    So Happy for you all! What a long journey and what a significant step in your family! I agree, your mom is a gem! Praying for wisdom and discernment for you as you reach out to this little girl. Love your heart and getting to watch you and your family walk the path the Lord has for you!

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