Meeting the parents

I’ve decided to meet our new little one’s parents.

I think.

I mean, I still have to talk to the caseworker, but I think she’ll be all for it.

so there’s several reasons for this..

  1. Possibly quicker pickup after visits.  They had a visit yesterday. I got there right on time to pick them up, but it was 10 min before the cw even came to the back door, then asked if I wanted to meet them. not because they want to meet me, but just because it helps her get the kids out faster. (yesterday I said no)  20 min after the visit was supposed to be over before I finally drove out of the office driveway.  So a big part of this is selfish. I want to get in there right when the visit is over, & get out to the van & head out.
  2. Part of the reason I generally don’t meet the parents is because I want to be able to hold a grudge against them. to think badly of them. Isn’t that horrible!! It makes me sick when I actually admit that to myself. When I do meet parents I realize these are real people. people really hurting. messed up. lost. without good support. who don’t know how to change or what a good life even looks like. (I’m over-generalizing here, but have yet to meet a birth parent who has gotten their act really together & has gone beyond just stopping the dangerous behavior that got their child removed & radically changed their life.) Why do I like that yucky feeling? When I do what’s right, & pray for them (or meet them)  I feel more in-line with Christ.
  3. BSF. (Bible Study Fellowship).This past week was on 1 Thessalonians. Wowzers. I’ve read it a lot, but this time it really got to me. It talks about what a life that pleases the Lord looks like. so #1)I made some changes to what TV shows I watch (4:3 Abstain from sexual immorality= no more old episodes of Friends. & no more Big Bang Theory for me) & #2)I have a deeper desire to love the unlovely. the book doesn’t directly talk about that, but look at the Thessalonians, they were major idol worshipers. but they turned to worship the one true God & they did it well!! People can change when the true & living God moves in their life. & He often does that through other people. But I have to meet these people to be in their lives. I want to love these children, & their families in the Way God would have me to. Check out the way Paul felt about the Thessalonians…& why/how Paul’s ministry was so effective there 1 Thess 2:1-12
  4. Having their oldest daughter over…since she’s been coming over I feel like she might at least be telling them about us. the babies & toddlers we have had can’t do that. but she can. she can tell them how we interact with them, what our home is like, & what we’re like. so why not meet them. I would think it’d give them more peace knowing what the family who has their children is like.

So I need to meet these parents. Not every parent of every foster baby we have. because some aren’t safe.

It may sound like such a silly thing to make a whole post of, or to even put much thought in. but for me it’s God softening my heart & calling me to obey. & this is way outside of what I thought we’d be doing when we signed up to foster! we got into it to adopt. then realized we love fostering. & now caring for the parents? WHAT??!! what does God have next!

Obedience is costly, but has great rewards. (BSF)

for me the cost is my comfort: keeping distance. just dipping my toes in the water. & I may never dive in deep with this family, but I’m walking out into the water now. we shall see what happens. the rewards will hopefully be eternal. even if I dont know what they are until I see Him face to face. Eternal rewards

(OK, now I’m thinking of Aladdin where Jafar says that to him at the cave of wonders “giving you your reward..your eternal reward….[evil guy laugh]”….time to sign off for the night)

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One Response to Meeting the parents

  1. Christa says:

    Love this! Praying for you right now. God is honored by you being even more available to Him and his will. I am glad you shared!

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