Meet the parents update

I met the babies parents after their visit today. Almost didn’t do it. Soon as the CW aide took kids back to them she came right back bc they wanted to know what caused a small scratch toddler has. Then she came right back bc they wanted to know about another boo-boo. Real CW walked in the door right then & told me that they griped LOTS about the foster mom of their sibling. Enough that just passing on their concerns made her cry!! CW was great & took my side. She said all parents do this. They look over their child like crazy & overly critique. She told me to not worry about it or let it bug me. & I know I shouldnt, but man it just gets under my skin!! Being criticized & questioned on my parenting skills by someone who had their children removed is not fun. I hope that some point it won’t bug me. One day!!

Anyways….so I prayed about it & still felt like I needed to let them meet me & see me, face to face. It was a simple hand shake, “hi, I’m Mary.” the dad was kind. Smiled & looked right in my eyes. Mom said hi & her name but wouldn’t really look at me. They walked babies & me to the back door & said goodbye. Grandpa was there. He was kind too. Toddler did not want to leave him. I wish they could have seen that 30 sec later he was happy & fine with us. Hoping that maybe them see me face to face will give them more comfort & they won’t be so over critical. Big sibling have me a hug in front of them too, so that was nice.

As I drove off I didn’t know what to think or feel. Of course my over active imagination went all places. So I tried to just pray. A song about how all our hopes are in the Lord came on. That was definitely what my heart was saying. All my hopes in meeting them are in Him! That He would use this small thing to intervene in their lives.

I & 2 Thessalonians both have verses of prayer asking the Lord to give purpose to & fulfill the things we do in faith. That’s my prayer!

Big sibling’s coming over again this weekend; if we cross your mind please pray for our time together. Maybe even that we would have time to talk about spiritual things. That our conversations would be full of grace. That the interactions with our kids would go better than last time. & that my kids would be gracious & yet firm, but kind, when they need to. Thanks!

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One Response to Meet the parents update

  1. Cara Huber says:

    I appreciate your grace through your fostering adventures. Its such a hard situation to be in – meeting the parents, receiving undue criticism – but you handled it in a manner that was truly glorifying to God. I can’t help but believe that the parents will be blessed by that in some way or another. Even if they aren’t, I am. The living testimony you are for Christ is a blessing to me. – Cara

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