Oh, International adoption….

Sometimes my heart LONGS to adopt internationally. It started when I was 15 & babysitting for my favorite family, the Winterrowds. I was watching a report on Romanian orphanages.

We both feel God’s led us to adopt by foster to adopt…..

but there are kids….

just sitting in rooms without enough people to even care for some of their basic needs. so they lay in beds, silent. because no matter how much they cry, they have learned no one will come. SIGH.

I get so excited when I see people adopting…in all ways, but especially internationally. One of my friends from college has adopted 2 boys from South Korea & just got word they have been matched with a little girl in China. Another friend has adopted 2 from Vietnam & 1 from the foster system. She’s currently on a mission trip in Vietnam & has been blogging about her time there. How there are so, so many children in orphanages, but Vietnam is closed to American adoptions right now. AHHH!! & like many of you, I read Ashley Ann’s blog. They have 4 bio kids & are adopting a little girl from China.

Maybe one day down the road God’ll open that door for us.

So my only update on our current situation is that I’m not meeting the parents anymore. after 2 times it because obvious it wasn’t helping the situation any. They’d walk as S…L….O…W..L…Y as they could towards me after visits. & they’d have something to say about what brand of diaper I was using, etc. I feel like a big ‘old chicken. I wish I had the balls to be confident & look them in the eyes & in LOVE say “I am here to take GOOD care of your child, not to take them away from you. Please know I’m praying for you to all be together soon.  So focus on doing what needs to be done, & don’t worry about where your kids are.” Maybe when I’m older I can do that. I did write them a letter that kind of said that. The foster mom of the older sibling is where she meets them at the front door at every visit. which is a flip flop because she did NOT want to meet them the first few months.

Anyways, I do love these kiddos, but hope their family is able to be back together soon.

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One Response to Oh, International adoption….

  1. Nicci says:

    You are not a chicken! You are one of the strongest, bravest women I know! You open your life, home and heart to these hurting kids and give them a glimpse of hope, love and normalcy. There is such a need for people like you. We learned through our journey to get Chloe that He picked her for us…had she bee in the U.S., we would have gone that route too. There are a list of other issues that come with international adoptions too…. Be encouraged…you and your family are an inspiration! And you are anything but a chicken! – Nicci Cox

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