Cascade, cookie dough, & Coconut Tea

I’ve been reading this blog lately. My cousin sells Scentsy & works with this lady, Allison. They’re foster parents & she blogs daily, just a short blurb about her day. I love reading her thoughts on fostering. It’s probably why I’m not blogging much, because she puts into words how I feel generally every time she writes.

But I LOVE how her posts are short, sweet, honest, real, etc. They’re not these big posts about how she’s an expert on something. I don’t do well with blogs like that. & I don’t want my posts to be like that ever. Because even though we’ve been fostering for 4 years & have had 16 placements, I learn something new with every placement. & still don’t understand “the system”. ANYWAYS, so I’m going to attempt to blog every day or few days, just little posts. so here’s my first one.

We got home from the gym this morning. The DJ & the toddler were playing outside while I was doing a quick couple things in the kitchen. I look up & DJ has the cascade (Ok, actually it’s Palmolive, but I wanted to go with the C theme). before I knew it he had taken it outside & poured some on the back porch. After putting the bottle back under the counter I look outside & the toddler is bending down licking it!! WHAT on earth?!!

Why do they do things like this? Especially this toddler. Anything that is NOT a toy has much more appeal to him than a real toy.

These 2 things make my day so much more enjoyable:

1. Coconut Flavored Tea (I use black tea bags-CAFFEINATED!, about a tsp of coconut extract & a few squirts of liquid fake sweetener) yum.

2. cookie dough!!! this is M&M cookie dough. a quick tsp of it when babies are going wild helps me de-stress.(I didn’t actually have any this morning, it’s more of my evening guilty pleasure)

My life is really NOT stressful. I am SO thankful for my life. what on earth could I gripe about?? But coconut tea & cookie dough (or a HOT fresh cookie) help me choose to relax, & let go of how I want things to be, & just enjoy the kiddos, screaming, soap eating & all.

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