Mega Shopping List

Tomorrow is what our foster agency calls “super Saturday”. It’s pretty much all day foster parent training. One of the families in our agency hosts it at their house. It’s about an hour drive from here, but it’s worth it to get all or almost all our yearly training hours done in one day. There will be 4 classes offered, but we only need the first 2, so hopefully we can get away a little early.

We’ve got a new babysitter for tomorrow.  I’m pretty excited about her! She watches my 3 little ones in the mornings at the gym, so she knows them well. & she has a 2 yr old who loves DJ. (Except for when he used to freak him out with how insanely loud he is. One of these days I’ll attempt to capture it on video & post just so you can hear!) She found me on Facebook a couple months back & offered to help if we need babysitting help. What a HUGE blessing that is!! She knows the kids, I’ve seen her calm in a room full of kids at the gym, & she’s willing to spend most of a Saturday with all 5 of my kids plus her 1.

Today I made a fruit salad & dressing for a spinach/strawberry salad to take for potluck lunch tomorrow. My mom made the spinach salad growing up & I thought it was nastiness. Now I think it’s super yummy!! Does that mean I’m grown up now?I won’t bore you with the rest of my day. ya know, dishes, laundry, bottles…rinse, cycle, repeat.

But I did make the mega shopping list for our freezer cooking day! Here are the recipes we’re doing this round. They’re all rather simple & I’m excited about all of them. I’m so glad to have ladies who love freezer cooking day as much as I do!& glad for a husband who watches the kids knowing how much freezer meals make my late afternoons so much less stressful. I did type of the guidelines we’ve all agreed upon as a group, so if you’re interested in starting one of your own, or just want more info on how we do it let me know.

As for the status of our foster babies…they’ve been with us for over 5 months now. Situation just isn’t getting any better. There’s one relative that a homestudy is just being started on. That’s the last possibility. Parents generally have 12 months to get their act together. So if relative doesn’t work out, this could drag on for awhile or could end up looking for a permanent home for them.

I kind of freaked out last month when the case worker mentioned “adoption.” we really just want to adopt 1 more, not 2…or 3. It’s so hard to say “we can’t adopt these kids”.  we’ve never been in a place to have to say that. But I CANNOT worry about tomorrow. Just completely trust that He’s got it in His hands.

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